Monday, May 4, 2009

Eco Travel Selections

Sometime during our 48 hour travel marathon back to the states, the handle on my carry-on broke. In the market for a replacement, the folks at White + Warren really caught my eye with their hemp traveler. The chic carry-on or weekend bag looks big enough to stow away the requisite in-flight goodies or a days worth of beaching accoutrements.
They also have an especially cozy looking wrap; it’s made of eco-cashmere which would be perfect for chilly cabin air. I’m happy to have my feet back on the ground and the jet lag is dwindling so I hope to be back soon with updates from Charlotte!

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Abbie said...

Love these picks! That bag is amazing.

Michelle Schraudner said...

These are amazing! This bag is my fave:

If only I could afford it!


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