Thursday, March 19, 2009

Green Move 11: Earth Hour

Mark your calendars, Saturday March 28th will be the third annual Earth Hour. The initiative spurred by Sydney's inaugural event is aiming to have 1 billion participate this year.
Kicking off at 8:30pm in whatever time zone you are in, simply flip off your light switch and vote for earth. By logging in your participation HERE you are casting a meaningful vote that will work to dictate the proceedings at the 2009 meeting of world leaders regarding the post-Kyoto policy regarding climate change.
Sounds to me like a perfect excuse to create candle lit ambiance, sip on some wine and toast to a very good cause. What would you do with a light free hour?

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Patty said...

I have been thinking about this...I thought I might do a dinner party by candlelight...if you go up to our roof you can see glimpses of the city...I thought it would be spectacular to go up there and watch all the lights go off and then dine by candle (soy or beeswax of course!)...

Megan said...

Patty, that sounds incredible! I hope you'll share some pictures if you do that!


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