Saturday, March 7, 2009

Adventures in OZ

We are having a great time in Australia; it dazzles the senses.  Diving on the Great Barrier Reef was like being in a giant aquarium with an amazing array of underwater life.  Here we are above with a giant (very friendly) Maori Wrasse. According to our dive instructors the reef is healthy and doing well and it was great to see that the dive companies are all involved in green efforts to keep it that way for generations to come!

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Meg said...

AMAZING. OMG ...I am freaking out over that picture Megan! SO cool!!!! I'm having major OZ envy right now!!!

Megan said...

I know, I couldnt believe it! The diving was incredible, you've got to go! Looking at other peoples travel photos has me constantly itching to take a trip; I totally empathize with what you posted the other day!


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