Friday, February 13, 2009

Vintage China

Mary Swenson of Pretty Good, read my mind.
I never registered for china, so I'm thinking of starting my own collection of vintage pieces as a great green alternative. What are your thoughts? Have you seen this done sucessfully before?

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Meg said...

Oooohh! LOVE the idea! A lot of vintage china is flowery and feminine, as long as Mat doesn't mind! I went to a great shop in Auckland which had a HUGE selection..I am going to have rack my brain to think of where it was...and get back to you!

Megan said...

Yes please, if you think of the place in Auckland let me know! I have to start getting familiar with how to spot the good stuff, at the moment I'm an antique novice so I'd love your tips!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg! Great idea to get the "good stuff" if you're doing this in place of buying good china. My pieces are just imperfect flea market finds, with chips and all :) I can't wait to see how your collection develops!

Pigtown*Design said...

Another Meg checking in.

When I moved back to the States, I owned NOTHING! So I started going to garage sales/car boot sales/ yard sales/church jumble sales/thrift shops/junk shops/etc. and picking up a piece here and a piece there.

If I could, I would just get the blue willow pattern. Almost none of the pieces I have are made by the same company, but the patterns are similar.

When I was given china this summer, it was also blue and white, and all white, so it will work with the blue willow.

Megan said...

Blue and white tends to creep into my interior trimmings quite a bit, so I’m naturally draw to the look of the blue willow pieces you’ve been collecting! Thanks for the great advise; like you I’ll be moving back to the states with not a stitch of china so I’m looking forward to start the collection.


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