Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eco Style Profile: Josie Maran

Upon discovering Josie Maran’s makeup line and subsequently all of her green goodness I felt like I found a kindred spirit! The girl’s got IT, and I don’t just mean the IT that launched her into supermodel status at a young age. Josie’s vivacious lease on life and her attitude towards responsibly glamorous beauty is what makes her stand out.
As I pealed back the layers of Josie’s commitment to green initiatives (dutiful research in the name of blogging) I was impressed by her approach and the personality exuded in her endeavors. You can’t help but want to be her best friend, after all, her fledgling cosmetic line of her own namesake is an effort to create a luxurious line that is known for its love and respect of people and the planet.
Josie Maran cosmetics are everything that I’m looking for in green products- they are not sacrificing style for substance.

In addition to creating a business that is environmentally responsible, she has also teamed up with lots of other green projects such as Global Green.
But let’s showcase for a moment, the girls fantastic and enviable eco style which helped her grace the green issue of Domino back in March of 2008.
Watch this tour of her eco-friendly home and learn how she grows, juices and composts! Plus, I love that she calls her chic green interior style "chic-ological".

All images are from Josie's blog, check her out!

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Patty said...

Gourgeous and green...love how there are so many Green It Girls out there...do you think the gourgeous or green came first? I would like to think we get more gourgeous the greener we get. Patty

Megan said...

I like to think that by making your life a little greener you are doing something good for yourself, the environment and hopefully for the next generation. The altruistic quality of eco- consciousness is definitely gorgeous! The greenest girls I know have a vibe and appeal about them that is undeniable; yay for the gorgeously green IT girls out there showing the world!

Patty said...

Let me know if there are some great Green It Girls in NZ (besides yourself)...doing a story on Aussie Green It Girls (if I can ever get enough time to finish it!)...Patty

Megan said...

Thanks for the nice compliment! One of my favorite New Zealand it girls is Kate Sylvester for her earth friendly designs. Another inspirational New Zealand green girl, perhaps less high profile is Lynda Hallinan who is the editor of the New Zealand Gardner. Have you heard about her? In 2008 she set a very lofty New Years resolution to live off her Auckland city garden and a $10 weekly grocery budget. Not only did she do it, she shares all the info about how to get started in that direction too. I love her story! check it out here: http://www.nzgardener.co.nz/
Look forward to reading your article, what a great idea!!!

Patty said...

Thanks for the suggestions...will check out Lynda as I had not heard about her before.

Anonymous said...

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