Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unpacking boxes can be an arduous task or a pure delight; the rediscovery of my New Zealand magazine collection happily made my experience the latter. Dated issues of a favorite kiwi publication, MiNDFOOD, will be a keepsake I treasure. Chock-full of interesting topics, it is a publication that reads well from end to end! What magazines do you read cover to cover?

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Chic Coles said...

That magazine looks so fun!

We love to read:
House Beautiful, Veranda, Town and Country, Elle Decor, House and Home, and Coastal Living. Also love to read Lucky and Vogue.

(Obviously there is a little bit of a magazine problem...)

Nikki's World said...

people, cosmo, US!!! i'm a dork i will read anything front to cover if it's got britney spears on the front, quizes in it.. haha

ur magazine looks so interesting and Cameron looks so pretty there!!!

Nikki's World said...

front to back i meant*** opps


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