Friday, June 5, 2009

One Month Recap

Today, I’ve been back in the United States for one month. Both oceans of time and distance seem to separate me from the 18 months Mat and I spent abroad in New Zealand. We’ve been busy catching up with family and friends and settling into Charlotte; in the process, we’ve quickly readjusted to American culture and pace of life. (It was odd to readjust to where you consider home!)
It has been interesting to observe the differences between the two cultures in terms of the impact it has on my “going green”. The ability to incorporate green initiatives into my lifestyle seemed to be markedly easier in New Zealand.
The convenience and proficiency of American consumerism is less eco-friendly than its slower paced New Zealand counterpart. Sadly, I’ve collected more plastic bags in the past month than I did in half a year in Auckland. Why? There are a few reasons, but mostly, I’ve noticed that cashiers have already plastic bagged my purchases before I have the chance to say wait- I’ve got another option. In New Zealand, I was usually asked if I needed a bag or allowed to put my purchases in my purse.
Noticing these differences makes me realize that I need to be more proactive about incorporating green initiatives. I don’ believe it is practical to get hung up about every shopping trip’s plastic bag- but I can focus on reusing them and then bring a reusable shopping bag the next time. The goal is not to do everything; it is to do something!

I’m interested, where you live, do you find it easy to be green?
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Drea said...

I live on Guam and the biggest grocery store chain here has started to sell reusable bags, so thats great. And when I forget my bags they offer paper as well as plastic. But once I took a reusable bag to kmart and the cashier looked at me like I was crazy. lol.

Courtney said...

I love this post and, of course, relate to so many of your adjusting to home feelings. It's such an odd stage and I'm still not sure this place will ever feel like "home." I'll love it and find many reasons that will make me sad to leave, but it's so far from home.

Megan said...

Drea, I know what you mean about getting crazy looks at some stores! And Courtney, moving so far is a brave thing to do, I found that keeping busy and skype were the two best cures for home sickness!!


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