Monday, September 28, 2015

Germ Patrol- Fighting Cold and Flu Season Naturally

Mat and I just returned from an incredible trip to Banff, AB (more on that later)!  After our flight yesterday and taking James Robert to pre-school this morning, fighting off colds and the flu are at the top of my mind.  So many people coughing and sneezing-yikes!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in my book. I'm determined to try to keep our family healthier this year.  Here are a few of the easy, natural habits I'm planning on making routine:

Thieves Essential Oil: In a quest for natural alternatives for James Robert last year, I became hooked on Thieves Essential oil for the whole family.  Among many things, Thieves promotes a healthy immune system. We use a roller of diluted Thieves on the bottoms of James Robert's feet before bed and sometimes I'll also roll a bit on the lovie he sleeps with at night. I also like to diffuse it and clean with it.**

Apple Cider Vinegar: Drinking a glass of water with apple cider vinegar each day (I posted more on that here).

Chicken Stock: Homemade chicken stock has so many medicinal properties. I'd like to make chicken stock and soups regularly.  One of my favorite chicken soup recipes is here. 

Yoga/ meditation/ foam rolling:  I am going to try my hardest to incorporate one of these practices into my daily routine. Taking time to pause and relax can help your body from getting run down. I love to follow Lauren Roxburgh on instagram for foam rolling ideas like these. 

I'd love to hear if you have any other tips!?

**Here is a good place to start if you're interested in learning more about essential oils. 

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Ellesse Martin said...

Hey Megan, where did you buy the Thieves Essential Oil? Thanks in advance for your help! My son is just coming down with a cold.


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