Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Beam Me Up

I'm torn between loving the beams in my family room and wanting to paint them white. And since my husband has wholeheartedly vowed to retire his paintbrush for a few months, I've collected some images of exposed wooden beams for inspiration. Thoughts? Would you paint?

{all images via pinterest}

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bryn alexandra said...

Oh you MUST keep them original!!! I am so jealous, natural wooden beams are on my list for my dream home someday. :)

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon an article in a shelter mag (which one? it escapes me.) But.....the very stylish designer had exposed beams and kept them as they were. I think it anchors and warms up a space.

...for what it's worth! :)
xo Elizabeth

Tommy said...

Yikes. It's a tough call, but I guess it depends on what else will be in the room, in terms of scale and color. Do you want the beams to stick out? Or do you want them to blend in and make the ceiling appear more airy?

I doubt that you can go wrong either way, though.

(I'm really sort of leaning toward leaving them alone, though. Once you paint, it would be quite a task to get them back to the original state, should the mood ever strike.)

Anonymous said...

Leave them original. I love the natural look and its always something you can add down the road.

給親愛的黑皮力力 said...

Painting them white might add texture, but texture could be done in many ways around the house. I'd keep the way it is for it makes ceiling special.


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