Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tales of a Sea Gypsy

Perhaps some of you have been introduced to Sibella Court from the fantastic show, Man Shops Globe? I've been fascinated with her work for some time and couldn't be more blown away by her shop in Sydney called The Society. It is a feast for the eyes and imagination. I missed the opening of her shop by a couple of months last time I was in Sydney and am dying to go back. In lieu of a plane rideI like to peak at her sight for inspiration every now and again....her theme called Tales of a Sea Gypsy pretty much sums up my infatuation. Check it out here.
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Katie said...

That image is beautiful and I went to their website. I like the coordinating themes listed, very cute!

Tommy said...

SO cool. I saw an image (3/3 on one button) that has the neastest fishscale effect going on. It almost looked like pieces of colored felt.


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