Friday, August 7, 2009

Words To Live By

Giving an old dictionary new life, this bathroom makeover cleverly creates a personalized space. This upcycle really gets my creative juices flowing; a trip to the used book store and just imagine the possibilities:
- Beautifully illustrated children’s books would make any kid’s bathroom fun at bedtime
- An old calendar of botanical prints could be lovely for a powder room
- Whimsical vintage books would make for conversation starting d├ęcor

Then I found these lovely images and became even more smitten with the idea.
I would love to have this book on my walls to read over and over again; what would you choose?

For step-by-step instructions visit re-nest where Karine from BODIE and FOU gives a tutorial.

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Chic Coles said...

What fun to read on wallpaper! I think doing nautical charts for sailing would be fun as wallpaper on a wall, or I think Beatrix Potter books would be fun on a children's bathroom wall!

Tommy said...

I would pick any David Sedaris book for a small bedroom or even a feature wall (eek...I know). And I would pick an awesome cookbook for a pantry or breakfast nook, maybe.

Maureen Stevens said...

I think this idea is very cool, too! I think if the fonts are in french script, it would be more charming but then it would be somewhat hard to read huh?!

Unknown said...

So lovely of you to mention my little DIY project...


Haven and Home said...

Love this idea, so simple but beautiful!

Mise said...

How effective! I've seen a lot of the words on the wall theme lately and am gradually persuading myself to give it a go. The neatness of this project appeals to me.


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