Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Green Move 11: Good to the Last Drop

I confess, I’m a bit of a beauty product junkie! Therefore, of all the green moves I’ve adapted, this one has been the most challenging. Lingering in my beauty cabinet, I used to have 10 half-used bottles of lotion and another dozen half-used hair products (not to mention the plethora of makeup). My greener goal is to use what I own before purchasing a replacement.

I’ve found that this system has a number of benefits besides reducing waste:
· Substantial savings from a decrease on impulse buys
· If you only buy what you really love, you weed out all the not so good stuff
· A streamlined beauty routine

(image HERE)

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Janet said...

It is hard, I agree! I'm trying to do the same thing - it's always tempting to try new lotions and things, but I should use up what I have before looking for new, greener items! Yay for reducing & reusing! :) I've also heard of people exchanging barely used cosmetics at a clothing exchange party, so that might be a fun thing to try!

Anonymous said...

Also, if you must clean everything out...donate to a women's shelter! They truly love getting beauty products because many of those gals had to up and leave everything behind.

annechovie said...

A great suggestion! I am gonna cut back. Have a great week!


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