Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Move 9- Dress up your table

Green and girly don't have to be mutually exclusive, a fact the particularly pleases me! Using cloth napkins instead of paper not only saves 1,000 of napkins a year, it adds a bit of class to even the most mundane week night dinner.
And while I'm happy that my plain white ones are saving lots of trees, I can't help but day dream about some other beautiful ways to dress up my table...

These would be great for everyday
These would be great for those special occasions

And these because they are a good excuse to eat guacamole

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Patty said...

Hi...love your blog...I have banned paper napkins from our house (ok I still have a few)...I have some old white cloth ones that this kids use and am loving using my mom's old napkins for my husband and I (she was a bit of a horder)...Bird textile also makes some beautiful eco napkins and placements (and are made in Australia)...Patty

Megan said...

Thanks Patty! I just checked out Bird Textiles, they have beautiful stuff, its great that you can customize your selection too!


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