Monday, January 5, 2009

Linda Laudermilk

Linda Laudermilk coined the phrase eco-luxury among many other accomplishments. It is this phrase that most aptly describes the blend of her natural yet high fashion collection of beautiful clothes.
Her story is one of enviable philanthropic motivation and enviable talent. While reaching the pinnacle of fashion success at Fashion Week, Linda felt that she wanted more- fashion with purpose. This was the birth of her interest in creating garments made of sustainable materials and with environmentally friendly practices. Not surprisingly, Linda draws inspiration from nature, calling it the, “original punk”. And although her designs have a noticeable edge, they have a heart of green that transcends trends.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I'm the worst blogger ever. Yes, my resolution is to blog. Thanks for your comment. My first comment. :) Haha, happy New Year!

Nikki's World said...

Oh my gosh i love the clothes the disgner makes :) They are gorgeous. I will have to click on her link and learn more.

Ur blog about the new years and our family taking it seriously you are right.. mom and dad asked me some of my new years resolutions were on the first at dinner of course.. I still don't really have a list but i said get in shape. :)
The blog made me laugh


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