Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jorg and Olif- the ultimate green accessory

My husband heard me talking in my sleep last night, mostly inaudible babble, but he said I clearly uttered the following sentence- “I’ll take two please.” Surely I was referring to these.

A cute bike has to be the ultimate green accessory and Jorg and Olif are pretty much as cute as you can get. (As pictured above, J.Crew happens to think so too!) After spending an evening devouring Copenhagen Cycle Chic it’s no wonder that bikes invaded my dreams.

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Nikki's World said...

that's too funny you were talking in ur sleep. I do like the bikes and i have to say J-crew has some cute new outfits out!!!

Courtney said...

love love love these and I wish I worked close enough to my house to be able to ride to work looking so darn cute! It's not nearly as glamourous or exciting to jump in your car and drive 25 minutes and get out feeling annoyed from all the traffic :)

But I try to make up for it when we dine out in our neighborhood or other nearby (read: interstate not needed) ventures.

No.35style said...

Darling outfits! Wish I could pull off such great style that looks effortless.


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